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Our London MA Degrees are validated by the University of Manchester, one of  the largest and most prestigious universities in the U.K.

Please note that you must choose one campus and may only apply to one MA degree program.

Art Business

The MA in Art Business prepares students for careers in the commercial art world. The programme is not a business degree but a degree in the business side of art, designed for students with an art historical background who want to understand business theories and practices as well as the technical and structural elements of the art market.

Fine & Decorative Art

The MA in Fine & Decorative Art is taught from the point of view of an art expert rather than an academic art historian and prepares students for a wide variety of careers in the art world. Based on Sotheby's original curriculum, The Works of Art Course, and concentrating principally on Old Master paintings, modern art, furniture and ceramics, the MA in Fine and Decorative Art teaches connoisseurship, a skill rarely featured in other academic settings.

Contemporary Art

The MA in Contemporary Art is for those who plan careers as gallery owners, curators, dealers, consultants or critics. This programme emphasises engagement with the actual artwork itself and how we critically approach and interpret contemporary art.


The MA in Photography is aimed at those who wish to study in-depth the place of the photograph in the art world and to pursue a career as a specialist in photographic imagery.

East Asian Art

The MA in East Asian Art focuses on the art history of China, Japan and Korea and is ideal for those who wish to become Asian art specialists with a knowledge of auction house, art market, museum and gallery practices.

Contemporary Design

The MA in Contemporary Design combines academic study of 20th century and contemporary decorative art with an exploration of the professional design world and is aimed at those considering a career in this field.

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