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The priority deadline for MA applications is March 1st, 2016. Applications received after March 1st will be considered based on space availability.

Our London MA Degrees are validated by the University of Manchester, one of  the largest and most prestigious universities in the U.K.

Please note that you must choose one campus and may only apply to one MA degree program.

Art Business

The MA in Art Business prepares students for careers in the commercial art world. The programme is not a business degree but a degree in the business side of art, designed for students with an art historical background who want to understand business theories and practices as well as the technical and structural elements of the art market.

Contemporary Art

The MA in Contemporary Art is for those who plan careers as gallery owners, curators, dealers, consultants or critics. This programme emphasises engagement with the actual artwork itself and how we critically approach and interpret contemporary art.

Fine and Decorative Art and Design

The MA in Fine and Decorative Art and Design derives from the oldest programme at the Institute, the 'Works of Art' course, which started in 1969. It offers an integrated study of fine and decorative art and design based on case studies drawn from the late Renaissance through to the late Twentieth Century. These studies are used as lenses through which to examine the production and materiality of art objects, and to consider aspects of consumption, including patronage and collecting and the historical and contemporary art market.

Modern and Contemporary Asian Art

The MA in Modern and Contemporary Asian Art provides students with critical tools for understanding the growing field of Asian art. It will enable them to appreciate how Asian art has developed in the modern and contemporary period in relation to its complex historical backdrop and artistic sensibilities for application in the professional art world. It is anticipated that there will be an increasing need for professionals with such expertise in museums, galleries, art fairs and biennials. 

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