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bedford square festival

Discussion Panel with Dr Katie Hill, Dr Pandora Syperek, Dr Martin Waldmeier adn Flavia Frigeri
Sotheby's Institute of Art, 30 Bedford Square

Curating is a burgeoning field. A small number of in-demand curators have become international celebrities, graduate-level courses for aspirant curators have multiplied and a rich new literature has developed on the subject. The globalisation of the art world has brought the rise of new exhibition formats. The biennial in particular has become a—arguably the—crucial arena for new experiments in curating, while also foregrounding the role of the curator as a translator, as someone tasked with the readability of works across different contexts. Our panel will look at this and other recent tendencies in rapidly developing professional discipline.

Speakers bio
Dr Katie Hill, Programme Director, MA Modern and Contemporary Asian Art, Sotheby’s Institute of Art. PhD, University of Sussex; MPhil/PhD, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; MA (Hons), The University of Edinburgh
Katie Hill is a regularly invited speaker for exhibitions and events in numerous institutions and galleries. Her recent work includes In Conversation' with Ai Weiwei, Tate Modern, selector panel/author, Art of Change, New Directions from China, Hayward Gallery, London, and specialist advisor/author for The Chinese Art Book (Phaidon 2013). She also co-edited a special issue of the journal Visual Art Practice on Contemporary Chinese Art and Criticality, published in 2012. She is director of OCCA, Office of Contemporary Chinese Art, an art consultancy promoting Chinese artists in the UK.

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