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WHEN: APRIL 11, 2018 | 7:00PM - 8:00PM, Reception to follow
WHERE: SOTHEBY'S INSTITUTE OF ART | 570 Lexington Ave, 6th floor, new york, ny 10022

SIA Speaker Series is delighted to announce “Break on Through (from the Outside): Market and Legal Challenges Facing Outsider Art”—an evening with insiders and experts on the flourishing of Outsider Art and the specific challenges of outsider artists and their immediate support circle.

Topics explored will include cultural relevance, critical recognition, representing outsider art/outsider artists, as well as copyright, collections management, catalogue raisonné, agency relationships, and legacy planning.

Judith B. Prowda, Esq., Faculty, MA Art Business, Sotheby’s Institute of Art-New York

Andrew Edlin, CEO of the Outsider Art Fair; founder and president, Andrew Edlin Gallery
Edward M. Gómez, senior editor, Raw Vision; member, advisory council, Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne, Switzerland; art critic, historian and curator specializing in outsider art
Scott Ogden, is an artist and director/owner of SHRINE gallery in NYC, specializing in outsider and emerging contemporary artists
Daniel Swanigan Snow, Brooklyn-based self-taught artist
Dr. Richard M. Lehun, Esq., Stropheus Art Law, attorney focused on artist-gallerist relations, agency and fiduciary obligations, and art transactions

RSVP required. Space is limited. Please note that doors will be closed promptly at 7:15 pm due to building security.

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About Outsider Art
The term “outsider art,” which was coined in 1972 by the British art historian Roger Cardinal, is used to label a range of unusual art forms produced by self-taught art-makers who tend to be situated, either by choice or as a result of varied circumstances, on the margins of mainstream society and culture.

In recent years, increasingly, outsider artworks have been shown in major museum exhibitions and have entered notable public and private collections. Now more than 25 years old and an institution in its own right, the annual Outsider Art Fair in New York and its newer sister fair in Paris have played a large role in validating the status of self-taught artists and celebrating the diversity of their achievements.

As outsider art has gained recognition in the marketplace, legal challenges confronting outsider artists and their estates have grown in complexity to ensure that their artistic output is sustainable in the long term.

For more information on outsider art please follow this link to a brief introduction by Edward Gómez.

Image: Daniel Swanigan Snow Deus X-M, ©️ David Dixon