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We are proud to introduce our Faculty News for June 2016. Thank you to all that contributed.

London Faculty

Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London faculty is undertaking a major collaborative research project, culminating in the publication of Art Business Today: 20 Key Topics in September this year. The book explains key art market concepts in the form of mini-essays, compiled, edited and with an introduction by Professor Jos Hackforth-Jones and Dr Iain Robertson. The approach is cultural rather than etymological, and as such it seeks to untangle interpretations that have become occluded by misuse over time. Below is a list of the entries and their authors, which includes London faculty and alumni. This book forms the latest title in the Handbooks in International Art Business series published with Lund Humphries.

  • Entry: Foreword,  Contributor: Iain Robertson
  • Entry: Introduction, Contributor: Iain Robertson and Jos Hackforth-Jones
  • Entry: Art as Investment, Contributor: Iain Robertson
  • Entry: Art Fairs, Contributor: Iain Robertson
  • Entry: Art Market Sectors, Contributor: David Bellingham
  • Entry: Art and Information Technology, Contributor: Marios Samdanis
  • Entry: Artist-dealer relationship, Contributor: Derrick Chong
  • Entry: Auction Process, Contributor: David Bellingham
  • Entry: Authenticity, Contributor: Jos Hackforth-Jones
  • Entry Collector-dealer relationshipContributor: Derrick Chong
  • Entry: Connoisseurship, Contributor: Jos Hackforth-Jones
  • Entry: Conservation and the market, Contributor: Yasmin Amaratunga
  • Entry Contemporary Photography marketContributor: Jeffrey Boloten
  • Entry: Criminal Activity and Art, Contributor: Gareth Fletcher
  • Entry: Design Art and its markets, Contributor: Lis Darby
  • Entry: Due diligence, Contributor: Tom Christopherson
  • Entry: Emerging Markets and Art, Contributor: Iain Robertson
  • Entry: Ethics, Contributor: David Bellingham and Tom Christopherson
  • Entry: Globalisation of the art market, Contributor: Iain Robertson
  • Entry: Private museums and the art market, Contributor: Melanie Gerlis
  • Entry: Public Funding and the Art Market, Contributor: Derrick Chong
  • Entry: Rights of Artists, Contributor: Tom Christopherson

Dr David Bellingham
MA Art Business, Program Director
David has been involved in several public and commercial gallery events over the past 12 months. In July 2015, at Gazelli Gallery (Baku/London) he participated in a panel on art and human rights. In September 2015, he introduced the ethical theme of the London Art Business conference. In March 2016 at the Maastricht University conference ‘Fair and Just Practices: Art and heritage worlds from the perspectives of markets and law’, he delivered a paper on Legal and Ethical Title. The Selling Off of Art from Historical English Country House Collections. In April 2016 David presented his interpretation of Botticelli’s Venus and Mars as part of the National Gallery’s A Closer Look series: for publication see Bellingham, D.C. (2010) ‘Deconstructing Aphrodite: Botticelli’s Venus and Mars in the National Gallery, London’ in Amy C. Smith and Sadie Pickup (eds) Brill's Companion to Aphrodite (Leiden: Brill), Ch. 18, pp. 347-374); (media reception of the theory).

Tom Christopherson
Head of Art and Law Studies
At the beginning of May, Tom hosted the second in the new series of Art Law for Leading Practitioners sessions, where a group of the pre-eminent art lawyers in London meet to discuss the latest developments in areas around art and the law. The February session comprised many of the lawyers involved in the leading art law cases to go to court in London over the last 20-30 years, reviewing the use of experts in art related cases; the May session was attended by around 25 leading tax lawyers to review developments in the UK’s tax regime relating to the ownership and transfer of works of art. Later that week Tom spoke with Megan Aldrich at the 2016 Authentication in Art Congress at The Hague, Netherlands, and participated on a panel evaluating the Law Guidelines for the AIA Mediation Board, produced by the AIA Art & Law Workgroup. In mid-May, Tom was installed as Master 2016-2017 of the City Livery Company, The Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars.

Gareth Fletcher
MA Art Business, Art and Business Semester Program

Gareth is a Lecturer and Seminar Tutor in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art (SIA). He is Co-Academic Leader of the Art Business, Foundations & Placement semester course and Co-Leader of the Art and its Markets summer study program at SIA. He also lectures on Strategy and Risk Management as part of the Business Management in the Art World Executive Education program; Strategic Planning as part of the Business Management of an Art Gallery program, and the Contemporary Art Market as part of the Frieze Art Fair: Contemporary Art Today program.
In June he will deliver a paper Scores on the Doors: Establishing a Certificate of Virtue Framework for Future Art Market Regulation, as part of the ‘Art and Cultural Heritage: What Is the Role for Ethics?’ panel during the Second All Art and Cultural Heritage Law Conference at the University of Geneva.
He has recently received a TECHNE AHRC scholarship to pursue his PhD examining the semiotics of provenance as institutional construct in the establishment of cultural and economic value in the market for Near Eastern antiquities, and has contributed a chapter on Criminal Activity and Art: fakes, forgeries and thefts for the forthcoming publication, ‘Art Business Today: 20 Key Topics’.

Katie Hill
MA Modern and Contemporary Asian Art
Katie has recently been appointed a trustee of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art in Manchester.
She has also become a contributor to a new social media platform for collectors based in Hong Kong, CoBo Social, writing about exhibitions relating to Asian art in London.
In 2015, she curated three exhibitions - Huang Wangsheng at Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai, entitled 'Flux', and a solo exhibition for young Tianjin artist Sun Yi, who is a recent graduate of the Slade; and Wastelands, a group exhibition at OVADA Oxford, including Ai Weiwei, Cao Fei, Cai Yuan and Anthony Key. She is currently developing a publication project on art in China during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) and a research project mapping interactions of Chinese artists in Europe from the early twentieth century to the present day.

Iain Robertson
Head of Art Business Studies
Iain has completed the catalog, The Bright Eye of the Universe, Contemporary art from China. Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York (2015), regarding an exhibition of Chinese contemporary artists in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. He was also the author for the text book for art business, Understanding Art Markets. Inside the World of Art and Business (Routledge, 2015) (combining Understanding Art Markets and Management and The Art Business under one title)Korean edition (2016). Chinese (2017).
Iain also edited with Jos Hackforth-Jones the book, Art Business Today: 20 key topics (Lund Humphries, 2016). He has also authored, New Art New Markets. (Lund Humphries, 2017). Iain is currently serving as Art Advisor for Arthena NY 2015.

Marcus Verhagen
MA Contemporary Art
Last year, Marcus published an article on translation as a concern in contemporary art.
His book, tentatively titled Trade Winds; Globalisation in Contemporary Art, is due out in November.

New York Faculty

Tim Goossens
MA Contemporary Art
Tim has a summer show opening in LA the first week in June running through July.
He is then relocating to Europe for the summer to work on final phase of the Triennial he is curating. His exhibition as part of this city wide project will deal with music + art.

Kathleen Madden
MA Contemporary Art, Summer Study
Kathleen has recently contributed to Phaidon Press's Vitamin P3: New Perspectives in Painting. She is also curating two exhibitions with Nathaniel Mary Quinn, the first to open at Half Gallery on the Upper East Side and the second at the Halsey Institute in Charleston, South Carolina. She completed editing the Performa 13 book with RoseLee Goldberg, published by Gregory R. Miller & Co, while she continues to teach a Barnard College of Columbia University Alumnae Relations course entitled, Barnard Conversations in Contemporary Art.

Elizabeth Pergam
MA Fine and Decorative Art and Design, MA Art Business
Having delivered a paper on "Death and Taxes: The American-ness of American Collecting" as part of the February 2016 College Art Association (CAA) session "Taking Stock: Future Direction(s) in the Study of Collections," Elizabeth will continue her book project on the history of collecting in America at the next CAA meeting. There, she will present her paper -- "The British Model of Collecting: Importing British Art to America" -- in the session on “Transglobal Collecting: Co-Producing and Re-visioning British Art Abroad.” Meanwhile, she will be guest lecturing in the London Summer Study.

Judith Prowda
MA Art Business, Summer Study
On June 9th, Judith will be co-moderating the panel, “Housing, Commercial Leases and Tax: Everything an Artist Wants to Know But is Afraid to Ask.” This program, which she also co-organized, is a joint program of the Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section, the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA); and Center for Art Law. It will be held at NYFA.
On June 15th, Judith will be speaking on a panel, "Fraud in the Contemporary Art Market: The Lessons of the Knoedler and Jasper Johns Scandals” at the New York City Bar Association. Her topic is the Jasper Johns scandal.
Both programs are free and open to the public.

Online Faculty

Giovanni Aloi
Giovanni was interviewed by Esse Magazine on the subject of Zoocentrism in contemporary art, as well as by Sotheby's about Online Learning. He is currently recording a radio segment for a BBC4 program titled Natural Histories (broadcasting this summer). His contribution is on lobsters in contemporary art and film. Giovanni organized a very successful symposium at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago titled Human-Non-Human Networks (12th of February 2016).

Sophie Landres
Sophie’s article “Indecent and Uncanny: The Case Against Charlotte Moorman” will appear in the Spring 2017 issue of Art Journal.
She has been invited to participate in a panel discussion at NYU's Grey Art Galley, in conjunction with their upcoming Charlotte Moorman exhibition. The discussion, "Charlotte Moorman: Subject and Conduit of an Ever-Changing Avant-Gardism," will be moderated by Hannah Higgins on September 29th. Sophie has also been invited to participate in the A Feast of Astonishments: Emerging Scholars Symposium at the Block Museum last April. Her paper was titled, “Deus Ex Machina: How Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik First Humanized Technology.”
She was also a guest lecturer at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in April. Her lecture was titled, “Against the Archive: From Raphael Montañez Ortiz to The Atlas Group.”
Last February, Sophie presented her research at the College Art Association Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. Her paper was titled, “The First Non-Human Action Artist: Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik in Robot Opera.”
She curated the exhibition, Zipora Fried: Some Things Have Meaning, Others Don't at Marfa Contemporary in October 2015.

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