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MaryKate Cleary

Faculty, MA Art Business, London

BA, Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. (2006)

MA, The Courtauld Institute of Art, London (2010)

Ph.D, University of Edinburgh (2022)

MaryKate Cleary is an art historian specializing in art market due diligence; restitution and repatriation; and the markets for Impressionist and Modern art. Her PhD research examined art dealer networks between Paris, London and New York in the inter-war era through the lens of the art dealer Paul Rosenberg (1881-1959), as well as the Nazi-looting of his collection and stock in 1940. In MaryKate’s practice as a professional provenance researcher and restitution specialist, she has worked for over a decade with the heirs of families persecuted in Holocaust, as well as with museums, auction houses, commercial galleries and private collectors towards due diligence relating to artwork ownership history, as well as the resolution of dozens of Nazi-era restitution claims. She has lectured widely, including at New York University, where she taught the first academic course at a U.S. institution dedicated to Provenance Research. She has also guest-lectured at Columbia University, Stanford University, The Courtauld, Warwick University, Kingston University, University of Zurich and Sotheby’s Institute, New York. She previously held roles at The Museum of Modern Art, the Art Loss Register, Sotheby’s London, and New York’s Jewish Museum. MaryKate holds a BA in German Literature (Catholic University, Washington, D.C.,) an MA in History of Art (The Courtauld) and was a Fulbright Fellow at the Technische Universität Dresden. In addition to planning to adapt her PhD into a monograph, MaryKate is working on two further book projects: the first, a co-edited volume with Professor Frances Fowle (University of Edinburgh) on the history of museums engaging with the art market; the second, a critical examination of international Holocaust-looted art restitution claims and legal disputes since 1998. Her research has been funded by the Centre Allemand d’Histoire de L’art, Paris (Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte) and the Andrew Grant Scholarship (Edinburgh).

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Photo courtesy of Sam Day

MaryKate Cleary
  • Professional Affiliations

    Professional Affiliations

    Co-Convener and administrator, University of Edinburgh Collecting and Art Market Interdisciplinary Research Cluster (2019–2021)

    Member since 2016, The International Art Market Studies Association (TIAMSA)

    Member since 2013, International Council on Museums (ICOM)

    Member since 2011, Historians of German, Scandinavian and Central European Art and Architecture (HGSCEA)
  • Publications


    Cleary, MaryKate. 2021. ‘The Galerie Paul Rosenberg’, in: Nathan, Johannes and Emily J. Evans, The Art Market Dictionary (AMD Online). Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.

    Cleary, MaryKate. 2021. ‘Marie-Louise von Motesiczky: Re-negotiating the self-portrait as a woman émigré artist in the Nazi era’, in: International Journal of Cultural Property. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Autumn/Winter 2021.

    Cleary, MaryKate. 2020. ‘Mapping the Transnational Networks of the Galerie Paul Rosenberg in the United States’, in: Christel Force (eds). Pioneers of the Global Art Market: Paris-based Dealer Networks, 1850-1950. New York: Bloomsbury.

    Cleary, MaryKate. 2017. ‘Paul Rosenberg: Reconstructing the fate of a Nazi-spoliated Collection’, in: Fleckner, Uwe, Thomas W., Gaehtgens and Christian Huemer, Market and Might: The Art Trade in the Third Reich. Berlin: DeGruyter.

    Cleary, MaryKate. 2016. ‘The Galérie Paul Rosenberg: Networks of trade and mechanisms of transfer in the Nazi-era French art market’, in: Rivoire, Stéphanie. Université d'été LES SOURCES AU TRAVAIL Les spoliations d’oeuvres d’art, 1933-2015. Paris: Bibliothèque Kandinsky, MNAM, Centre Pompidou.

    Cleary, MaryKate. 2013. ‘Destroying the Palace/Rebuilding the Castle: Collective Memory and the Search for Historical Identity in Berlin’, in: The Challenge of the Object: 32nd International Congress in the History of Art, (Comité International d'Histoire de l'Art, CIHA). Nuremberg: Germanisches National Museum.
  • Conferences/Lectures


    Jewish Country Houses, University of Oxford and Victoria & Albert Museum (online)
    Conference: Jewish dealers and the European Art Market, c.1850-1930
    Paper: ‘Moving Pictures: Paul Rosenberg and Jewish Dealer Networks Across Borders in the Interwar Era’ (September 2021)

    University of Edinburgh / National Galleries Scotland / TIAMSA Conference 2020 (postponed online 2021)
    Co-organizer: The Art Market and The Museum: Ethics and Aesthetics of Institutional Collecting
    Display and Patronage from c.1800 to the Present (May-July 2021)

    ICOM (International Council of Museums) Israel (online)/Tel Aviv, Israel
    Invited Keynote Speaker ‘Provenance Research as Transformative Knowledge’ (February 2021)

    International Catalogue Raisonné Association (ICRA) (online)/London, UK
    Conference: Second Annual Conference: Provenance and the Catalogue Raisonné
    Invited Speaker: ‘Restitution: Research Questions and Perspectives’ (December 2020)

    University of Lisbon/Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida Lisbon, Portugal
    Conference: The Key for Art Market Power
    Paper: ‘Marius de Zayas and Henri-Pierre Roché: Agents of the Art Dealer Paul Rosenberg’ (November 2020)

    Technische Universität Berlin, Centre for Art Market Studies Berlin, Germany
    Conference: German-French Research Program, ‘Art Market and Collecting, 1900–1945’
    Paper: ‘The Galerie Paul Rosenberg: Transnational Networks and the Rise of the Contemporary
    French Art on the German-speaking Market, 1918-1929’ (November 2018)

    Christie’s Education Conference 2018 New York, USA
    Conference: Celebrating Female Agency in the Arts
    Paper: ‘Portraits of Agnes Ernst Meyer as Patron and Female Agent of the Avant-garde’ (June 2018)

    Association For Art History (AAH) Conference 2017 Loughborough, UK
    Panel: Gendering Patronage: Women Artists and the Contemporary Art Market
    Paper: ‘Art Dealer Strategies: Promoting the work of Kara Walker and Julie Mehretu’ (April 2017)

    Israel Museum and The Hebrew University, Collecting & Display International Research Forum Jerusalem, Israel
    Conference: Collecting and Provenance
    Paper: ‘Transnational Perspectives on Teaching Provenance Research’ (November, 2016)

    New York University, School of Professional Studies New York, NY
    Invited speaker: Annual Art and Cultural Heritage Crime Symposium
    (November 2016; June, 2015; June 2014)

    Cleveland Museum of Art Cleveland, OH
    Invited Speaker: Issues in Provenance Research Symposium (October 2015)

    Association of Registrars and Collection Specialists (ARCS) Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA
    Panel Chair, ‘Databases as tools to manage, protect and recover cultural objects’ (October 2015)

    Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Centre Pompidou Paris, France
    Colloquium speaker, Summer University: Research Resources for the Spoliation of Art 1933-2015 (July 2015)

    Getty Research Institute/ Universität Hamburg Los Angeles / Hamburg, Germany
    Colloquium: Market and Might: The Business of Art in the Third Reich
    Paper: ‘Paul Rosenberg: Reconstructing the fate of a Nazi-spoliated Collection’ (September 2013, October 2014)

    University of Cambridge, Newnham College Cambridge, UK
    Roundtable Speaker: Looted Art and Restitution in the 20th century: transnational and global perspectives (September 2014)

    College Art Association (CAA) Annual Conference Chicago, IL
    Panel speaker: ‘Managing the Past: Collectors and Collecting in Twenty-First Century Museums’ (February 2014)

    Loyola Law School Center for the Study of Law and Genocide Los Angeles, CA
    Invited Speaker, Symposium: The Art of Genocide and the Battle for Restitution (March 2011)