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Fees for Semester programs
Fall 2020

Estimated living expenses in London

Our programs require travel that may include visits to galleries, special collections, art fairs, and art-related events including destinations abroad on Semester programs. Local travel costs, i.e. (public) transport within London, are borne by the student and vary from program to program. Semester courses charge a pre-set travel fee, which is due at the same time as tuition ahead of the start of the program. This travel fee covers the cost of all study trips abroad including travel, accommodation, and entry tickets for exhibitions and other art-related events. Travel costs relating to scheduled trips to collections or museums outside of London but within the UK are borne by Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

To help you estimate the financial obligations required to attend Sotheby’s Institute of Art-London, the following budget is provided. The figures were taken from a recent student survey. From the figures shown you will see that the level of expenditure incurred depends greatly upon lifestyle. You may find it helpful to research average rental prices in the area you’d like to live in, and consult the UKCISA guidance on Cost of Living in the UK.

Monthly Spend
Food & Accommodation: £588 - £2,181 (Middle 80%): £1,347 (Average)
Other Expenses: £70 - £585 (Middle 80%); £295 (Average)
Total Monthly: £658 - £2,766 (Middle 80%); £1,642 (Average)

Annual Spend
Books: £26 - £500 (Middle 80%); £254 (Average)
Travel home: £0 - £3,500(Middle 80%); £1,240 Average)
Total annual ad hoc expenditure: £926 - £6,000 (Middle 80%); £2,842 Average)

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