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Students come to Sotheby's Institute from all corners of the globe to study art in its historical, contemporary and market contexts.

We offer a rigorous academic curriculum that includes privileged access to major art world players, global travel opportunities, and career networking and preparation.

Art repatriation is just one example of the key art world issues you can expect to learn about at Sotheby’s Institute and we invite you to watch our exclusive mini-documentary ‘Art Repatriation in China’ with Dr Iain Robertson, Head of Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute in London. This short film looks at the case of the 1860 looting of Beijing’s Old Summer Palace and charts the journey of two bronze animal heads which, in 2009, made it back to their country of origin.

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Art Repatriation in China 2 Art Repatriation: The Elgins, the Old Summer Palace and the Return of Art to China

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