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Foundations of Web3 with Sotheby's Institute is a free beginner-level course for anyone looking to understand this complex digital world through a cultural and creative lens.

Many believe that web3 is revolutionizing the internet, changing how we socialize and do business, and building a more vibrant creative economy. But is that really true? And where should we start if we want to understand and evaluate the possibilities of this rapidly growing web3 world?

Brought to you by the leaders in art business education, Foundations of Web3 covers everything you need to know to become more knowledgeable about emerging web3 technology in a cultural context. 

Led by Sotheby's Institute faculty member and web3 expert Gareth Fletcher, this immersive learning experience covers a broad range of topics such as crypto, blockchain, the metaverse, NFTs and more. Throughout the course, participants will master key web3 terminology and delve into the history of the internet to explore why web3 is considered the next evolution in this field. The course will also explore current and potential use cases for web3, including smart contracts and digital collectibles, and students will have the opportunity to set up a crypto wallet, visit metaverses, and purchase digital collectibles. Ultimately, the course will provide a solid foundation for those seeking to master web3 and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The course is self-paced and contains four modules with videos, short readings, interactive exercises and quizzes on topics covering:

  • The Promise of Decentralization
  • Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies
  • NFTs and Smart Contracts
  • Introduction to the Metaverse

“The accelerating developments in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the metaverse continue to reinvent our understanding of material culture and how cultural objects and consumer goods are produced, consumed and transacted,” says Sotheby’s Institute faculty member Gareth Fletcher, whose current research explores the integration of traditional market processes within web3.

Access the free Foundations of Web3 Starter Course, here.