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The faculty at Sotheby’s Institute of Art have chosen their top titles to level up your art knowledge. Take a look at what has caught their eye and browse a curated a list of art world podcasts, journals, periodicals, and more.

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Fensterstock, Ann. Art on the Block: Tracking the New York Art World from SoHo to the Bowery, Bushwick and Beyond. London: Palgrave, 2013
A fascinating tour of the last five decades of contemporary art in New York City, showing how artists are catalysts of gentrification and how neighbourhoods in turn shape their art--with special insights into the work of artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cindy Sherman, and Jeff Koons.

DeSalle, Robert. A Natural History of Color: The Science Behind What We See and How We See It. New York: Pegasus Books, 2020
A star curator at the American Museum of Natural History widens the palette and shows how the physical, natural, and cultural context of colour are inextricably tied to what we see right before our eyes.

Sherwood, Alice. Authenticity: Reclaiming Reality in a Counterfeit Culture. London: Harper Collins, 2022
We live in an age when the pursuit of authenticity – from living our 'best life' to eating artisan food – matters more and more to us, but where the forces of inauthenticity seem to be taking over. Our world is full of people and products that are not what they seem. We no longer know whether we are talking to a person or a machine. But we can fight back – and this award-winning book shows us how.

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Artelligence Podcast
The Artelligence Podcast presented by LiveArt unpacks the mysteries of the global art market through interviews with collectors, dealers, auction house specialists, lawyers, art advisors, and the myriad individuals who make the art market a beguiling mixture of sublime beauty and commercial acumen.

A brush with...
A brush with..., sponsored by Bloomberg Connects, is a podcast by The Art Newspaper that features in-depth conversations with leading international artists. Host Ben Luke asks the questions you've always wanted to and offers a fascinating insight into the inspirations, the preoccupations and the working lives of some of the most prominent artists today.

NFP with DKleine
NFP with DKleine examines the NFT arts market as well as the growing Web3 movement. The show presents conversations with artists, collectors, and innovators in the blockchain industry.

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American Art Journal
The summer 2022 issue includes commentaries on art institutions and imperialism up, down, and across the Atlantic, Sarah-Neel Smith reveals Islamic forms in Frank Stella’s paintings and Nadya Bair discusses “concerned” photography’s first world tour.
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Journal of Modern Craft
The Journal of Modern Craft addresses all forms of making that self-consciously set themselves apart from mass production—whether in the making of designed objects, artworks, buildings, or other artefacts.
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Winterthur Portfolio: A Journal of American Material
The journal presents interdisciplinary scholarship that critically engages art history, history, geography, ethnology, archaeology, anthropology, craft, design, and literature. It publishes articles that are analytical and synthetic rather than descriptive, and it encourages submissions by scholars underrepresented in material culture studies.
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