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David Bellingham

Program Director, MA Art Business, London

PhD, University of Manchester
BA (Special Hons.) in Latin & Classical Archaeology, University of Birmingham

Dr. David Bellingham is an art historian, author and Programme Director for the Master’s Degree in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London where he leads a core unit on The International Art World, Law and Ethics, as well as electives on The Market for Antiquities & Old Masters and Ethics, Law & the Art Trade, and Art World Operations & Logistics. David also sits on the education committee of the Guild of Arts Scholars which supports and promotes the study of art history in schools across London and the South-East. He also lectures on Classical Art and Architecture, and their reception in the modern era. He holds a special honours degree in Latin and Classical Archaeology (University of Birmingham), and a doctorate from the University of Manchester for his thesis on the cultural and socio-economic aspects of sympotic scenes in ancient Roman and Pompeian wall-painting. David has published numerous books and articles on a variety of subjects, including: art fairs; art business ethics; Greek & Celtic mythology; the art market for classical sculpture and frescoes; the paintings of Sandro Botticelli; and authenticity issues in the paintings of Frans Hals. David has delivered a paper at the University of Maastricht on the ethical reception of the Riace Bronzes (published in 2014); participated in a panel on art and human rights (; and introduced the ethical theme of the London Art Business conference, 2015. His most recent paper on the ethics of selling works of art from English country houses was delivered in March 2016 at the University of Maastricht. David contributed three chapters (on the auction process, art market sectors, and art market ethics, to Hackforth-Jones, J. & I. Robertson (eds) (2016) Art Business Today: 20 Key Topics (London: Lund Humphreys). David has recently contributed an essay for the exhibition catalogue Erdoğan Zümrütoğlu: Mirror of Darkness (Exhibition at JD Malat Gallery, London, 1 October to 10 November, 2018). This year he delivered a paper at the Sotheby’s Institute 50th Anniversary Conference on ‘The Times-Sotheby Index, 1967-1971: A Window into the Art Market 50 Years Ago’. He is currently writing an introductory book on the art market.

Instagram: @davibellingham

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David Bellingham
  • Selected Publications

    Selected Publications

    ‘On Cross-Collecting, or Cross-Over Buying’, 2017

    Hackforth-Jones, J. & Robertson, I. (eds) (2016) Art Business Today: 20 Key Topics (London: Lund Humphries), Chs 2, 4 & 14

    Bellingham, D. (2014) `The Underwater Heritage of the Riace Bronzes: Ethics and the Art Market in Ancient Rome’ in Proceedings of the seminar “Art, cultural heritage and the market: ethical and legal issues”, University of Maastricht 15-16 March 2012

    Bellingham, D. (2012) ‘Frans Hals, Attribution and the Market’ in Aldrich, M. & Hackforth-Jones, J. (eds) (2012) Art and Authenticity (London: Lund Humphries), Ch. 13

    Bellingham, D.C. (2011) ‘In London’s Fair City: A Brief History of London’s Art and Antiques Fairs’ in The Art Newspaper Magazine, June 2011, 58-60

    Bellingham, D.C. (2010) `Defining Genre: Scenes of the Symposium in Pompeian Wall-Painting’ in Memoirs of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, Vol 146 (2007-8), 83-90

    Bellingham, D.C. (2010) ‘Deconstructing Aphrodite: Botticelli’s Venus and Mars in the National Gallery, London’ in Amy C. Smith and Sadie Pickup (eds) Brill's Companion to Aphrodite (Leiden: Brill), Ch. 18, pp. 347-374 ISBN 978-90-04-18003-1

    Bellingham, D.C. (2009) `The 'Jenkins Venus': Reception in the Art World and the Market’ in Godfrey, T. (ed.) (2009) Understanding Art Objects: Thinking Through the Eye

    Bellingham, D.C. (2009) `Memories of an Empire’ in The RICS Arts Surveyor: Antiquities, April, 2009, pp. 10-11

    Bellingham, D.C. (2008) `Ethics and the Art Market’ in Robertson, I. & Chong, D. (2008) The Art Business (London & NY: Routledge), Ch. 10, 176-196
  • Conferences And Lectures

    Conferences And Lectures

    ‘The Times-Sotheby Index, 1967-1971: A Window
    into the Art Market 50 Years Ago’, paper presented to the Sotheby’s Institute of Art 50th Anniversary Conference, London 7-8 June 2019

    ‘‘The Best of The Best’: MASTERPIECE London and the Art Fair as a Lifestyle Event’, paper presented to the TIAMSA conference, London, 14-15 July 2017

    ‘Legal and Ethical Title. The Selling Off of Art from Historical English Country House Collections’, paper presented to The Manchester Literary & Philosophical Society, Manchester, 4 October, 2017

    April 2017 (study session) & June 2017 (lunchtime lecture) on Botticelli's 'Venus & Mars' at the National Gallery, London
  • Professional Affiliation

    Professional Affiliation

    The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies

    The Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars

    The International Art Market Studies Association
David Bellingham

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